Sison’s Auditorium; Mirror of Beauty

Sison’s Auditorium, one of Pangasinan pride captures all the beauty of culture and industry os Pangasinan.

Pangasinan Sison’s Auditorium is one of many reasons why Governor Amado Espino Jr. truly sustain the vision of having Pangasinan the best place to invest, work, live and build a family.

The building resembles success among all endeavors it had met through the faces it illustrate, the sculptures, designs, and the way it survived.

Originally, Sison’s Auditorium was developed from the year 1926-1927, the term of late Governor Teofilo Sison and part of Pangasinan National High school formerly known as Pangasinan Academic High School, the first secondary school constructed in the province of Pangasinan.

The auditorium was used as the place of major social functions in the province such as provincial library, sports, venue, and even as office of Vice-Governor and the Provincial Board.

From 2008-2010, renovations lead by Governor Espino was established to make it the cultural center of Pangasinan. This reconstruction leads the said auditorium boost into public and became one of the best tourist spot in the province.

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