"The Chef Abroad" at Capitol Cafe

Cooking show seminar conducted by provincial government was successfully driven last March 20, 2012. The cooking show was lead by an Irish chef Brian Meehan. The seminar aimed to encourage participants to explore, enhance cooking techniques and to prepare chefs for upcoming Palarong Pambansa 2012.
The said seminar was attended by students from different school, teachers of universities, and employed and unemployed chefs. It seminar took place at Pangasinan’s Capitol Café at beach front of Lingayen, Pangasinan.

Chef Brian is an Irish Chef who travels in different Asian countries particularly Thailand and Philippines.
The seminar started with talk and open forum where each participant was given the chance of asking one burning questions of their mind. Several questions like “What is your focus?” (Foods, cooking or experience), “What else you do there?”, and “What actually you want?” were some of questions tackled in the seminar. Aside from learning in schools about foods, cooking, techniques in cooking and different cultures, experience is one good teacher. “You can’t teach somebody to handle pressure”, Chef added.
Actual Cooking Show 

The seminar ended up with a cooking show with two different Mediterranean dishes. Everyone have fun and educated.

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