March 2012

"The Chef Abroad" at Capitol Cafe

Cooking show seminar conducted by provincial government was successfully driven last March 20, 2012. The cooking show was lead by an Irish chef Brian Meehan. The seminar aimed to encourage participants to explore, enhance cooking techniques and to prepare chefs for upcoming Palarong Pambansa 2012.
The said seminar was attended by students from different school, teachers of universities, and employed and unemployed chefs. It seminar took place at Pangasinan’s Capitol Café at beach front of Lingayen, Pangasinan.

Chef Brian is an Irish Chef who travels in different Asian countries particularly Thailand and Philippines.
The seminar started with talk and open forum where each participant was given the chance of asking one burning questions of their mind. Several questions like “What is your focus?” (Foods, cooking or experience), “What else you do there?”, and “What actually you want?” were some of questions tackled in the seminar. Aside from learning in schools about foods, cooking, techniques in cooking and different cultures, experience is one good teacher. “You can’t teach somebody to handle pressure”, Chef added.
Actual Cooking Show 

The seminar ended up with a cooking show with two different Mediterranean dishes. Everyone have fun and educated.

Capitol Cafe

Capitol Cafe
Feels like home-Pangasinan Capitol Café can be found at the near beside Pangasinan and Development Center, Capitol Complex, Lingayen Pangasinan near Lingayen Gulf.
Grab the opportunity to met the ambiance of the place, a canteen-like, big hut structured house with quality foods and services.  It is where Asinan Bloggers (AB) made their group bonding as they share brilliant ideas. The meeting was held to brainstorm for group’s preparation on upcoming Palarong Pambansa 2012, and to have bonding experience together as new friends.
Experience the delightful and refreshing moments with your friends in Lingayen’s Capitol Café.
Be there, visit and enjoy.

Palarong Pambansa 2012

Pangasinan was chosen as the Palarong Pambansa venue for the year 2012. Pangasinan bested Laguna, Marikina, Isabela and Mindoro for the bid.

According to administrator Rafael F. Baraan, the province has been awarded the hosting because of favorable billeting facilities, support of multi-sectoral agencies; international standards sport facilities, and records of holding national and international sports events.

Gov. Amado T. Espino Jr. presented its bid before the Department of Education (DepEd) national office in Pasig City and the Philippines Sports Commission on November 17.

Pangasinan is now on its preparation for the upcoming Palarong Pambansa 2012 making it the most anticipated sports event in the history of the province.
The province aimed to make the event the “cleanest and greenest” Palarong Pambansa ever experienced. With this vision, local government decided to banned plastic plates, cups, spoons, forks, styrofoam utensils, and other non-biodegradable materials.

The Palarong Pambansa is scheduled on May 6 to 12. Majority of the games will be played at the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center. And the billeting schools are located in Lingayen, Bugallon, Labrador, Binmaley, San Carlos City, Dagupan City and Calasiao.


Tips for a stress-free life

  • Know your passion and deal with it.

First of all, you must know what you want in life. Make a way on how to achieve things you want. In life, you must have focus and love on what you do. Everything has reasons and purpose which comes in humans’ life. These could be success, failures, temptations, and other struggle that challenge a human life. Doing what you love makes a person happy and satisfied. With this, you’ll never fell stress.

  • Don’t harsh yourself thinking a problem.
Problem is always a part of human being, don’t harsh yourself thinking of problems like it’s the end of the world. Face your problems, don’t run away from it. Things happen from the actions you’ve done in the past. It would be better to deal with it to solve it. A problem is always a problem as long as it was never solved.

  • Look for the where problems begin to deal with solution.
Looking for the beginning of the problem would help in solving them. The cause can be eliminate or change in order to solve a problem.

  • Don’t wear any mask, just be you.
In every way you do, just be yourself and avoid acting like “you are not you”. People would accept you if who you are: don't pretend to be someone else. You’ll only find a true friend if you are true to yourself. 

  • Be responsible enough on your action and words you say.
There is always a consequence in every action you do, in every word you speak, and every reaction you made. These things could be misinterpreted which may hurt other people. Be responsible enough to avoid uncertainty.

  • Enjoy life as if it's the last day.
Enjoy life as if it's the last day of your life and share every time you have.Cheer up and be brave, face everyone and let your voice out.                                              

Soul Surfer

Last December 11, 2011, I watched movie entitled "Soul Surfer". Soul surfer is an inspiring true story of Bethany Hamilton, a teenager girl accidentally attacked by shark. It is a said miracle that after she lost her arm, she survived. She never give up of surfing for it was Bethany's passion in life. Bethany was born in February 8, 1990.Without an arm, she never thought of  stopping and reaching her goal as a surfer and fortunately made it as a professional surfer and win different competitions, and awards. Not only as a surfer,Bethany Hamilton also won the Best Comeback Athlete ESPY Award. In the year 2004 Teen Choice Awards, Hamilton also won "courage award".Hamilton took 1st place in the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) National Championships in the year of 2005, a goal she had been trying to achieve since before the shark attack. One great story that could inspire billions of viewers. A story that would wake your faith, love and hope.

Bethany Hamilton,

Facing Fears

“Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world.”
- Helen Keller quotes

I find myself thinking about what it means to fight for something when the one you’re fighting for don’t mind at all.

I felt disappointed when that uncertainty comes out in my life. I was just quite person that some people possibly can’t understand what it feels like to be me, when someone was talking about you behind your back, and insulting of what you are. It’s hard to feel like you’re thinking that you are being underestimated and not respected by other people.

That was one toughest day of my life. To conquer self-pity along with people you call your friends. It was such embarrassments that you fight for the one you love to protect your friends from unnecessary comment from people around you most especially from the one you love. Then suddenly for just a day you’ll just keep asking in yourself, “Are they really worthy of your trust?” when right behind you they don’t mind at all.

Everyone have their individual differences and attitude which a person should always observe to make people respect and value. It wasn’t bad at all to acknowledging misunderstandings or problem with your friends. It is even much better that you help them eliminate unnecessary attitude or actions.

Don’t let insecurities, gossips, disappointments and failures ruin your life but rather; use them as instrument of change to be a better person. You may don’t have a perfect quality of a person, but you have the courage and talent that other person may not posses.

And share your problem with someone you trust to help you feel free from what you suffer.

“Laugh at yourself and at life. Not in the spirit of derision or whining self-pity, but as a remedy, a miracle drug, that will ease your pain, cure your depression, and help you to put in perspective that seemingly terrible defeat and worry with laughter at your predicaments, thus freeing your mind to think clearly toward the solution that is certain to come. Never take yourself too seriously.”


Pangasinan: Sports Capitol of Philippines

The province of Pangasinan is on its final phase of preparation for Palarong Pambansa 2012 at different respective venues in Pangasinan.

Pangasinan Skills and Development Center
Palarong Pambansa is the country’s biggest sports league in the country where different provincial teams all over the country compete.
Pangasinan was on its second time around to host the event since 1995, where President Fidel V. Ramos was on his term as president that made the emergence of Narciso Ramos Sports & Civic Center.
Pangasinan Skills and Development Center (PSDC), a 10351.68 sq. meter gymnasium, which happens to be one venue for the sport feast was on its finishing phase. According to Remegio de Vera, project coordinator of Pangasinan Skills and Development Center cost 18 M. It is broken down into phase 1: worth 15 M and Phase 2: 3M which covers tiling of floors, painting and electrical works.
PSDC Kitchen(for restaurant under construction) 
The venue will be reconstructed for games such chess tournament, badminton, boxing and other indoor sports. The building’s second floor is for restaurant and multipurpose areas.
All renovations and preparations all over Pangasinan for upcoming event are expected to finish on the last week of March.

Sison’s Auditorium; Mirror of Beauty

Sison’s Auditorium, one of Pangasinan pride captures all the beauty of culture and industry os Pangasinan.

Pangasinan Sison’s Auditorium is one of many reasons why Governor Amado Espino Jr. truly sustain the vision of having Pangasinan the best place to invest, work, live and build a family.

The building resembles success among all endeavors it had met through the faces it illustrate, the sculptures, designs, and the way it survived.

Originally, Sison’s Auditorium was developed from the year 1926-1927, the term of late Governor Teofilo Sison and part of Pangasinan National High school formerly known as Pangasinan Academic High School, the first secondary school constructed in the province of Pangasinan.

The auditorium was used as the place of major social functions in the province such as provincial library, sports, venue, and even as office of Vice-Governor and the Provincial Board.

From 2008-2010, renovations lead by Governor Espino was established to make it the cultural center of Pangasinan. This reconstruction leads the said auditorium boost into public and became one of the best tourist spot in the province.

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